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Industrial Cleaning

We offer Industrial Cleaning in Offices, Schools, Factories, and Local hospitals.

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning sites includes Hotels, Bars, NightClubs and Restaurants.

Household Cleaning

General Clean Out, Carpets, Upholstery, Wooden flooring - Seal & Buff wooden and slate flooring.

Flood & Fire Damage

Expert knowledge and experience in flood & fire damage clean ups.

NU-CLEAN General Contract Cleaners

Nu-Clean general contract cleaners is a family run business established over 25 years. Experts in the field of household cleaning, general clean out, carpets, upholstery, wooden flooring. Experts in the field of flood & fire damage.

Office Cleaning

office cleaning

Window Cleaning

window cleaning

Hospitality Cleaning

hotels bars cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

upholstery cleaning

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Contract Cleaning

NuClean Specialise in general, household and industrial cleaning in Newry and Mourne area. The full range of services covering office cleaning, residential houses cleaning, and we also work in the public sector completing jobs in hospitals, schools, community and council organisations.

Office Cleaning

We can provide a full extensive service for commercial office cleaning in Newry. This will include the reception area, office desk space, meeting and conference rooms, hallways, stairs and lifts, food areas and maintenance areas.
We use all the latest, modern advanced technology in the cleaning process. Cleaning equipment for completing tasks and cleaning solutions and polish that insure a high level finish. The staff at Nuclean are all highly qualified and experience in office hygiene. All combined to provide cleaniness and hygiene in the work environment.

Residential Cleaning In Newry

Specialists in Residential Home Cleaning

Residential Cleaning for house cleaners In Newry

Nuclean are in the cleaning industry for many years and have built up a wealth of knowledge and expertise in contract cleaning.
This has led to numerous projects in private and residential cleaning in Newry. All household cleaning tasks are included in this service.
We will clean all rooms on the home from kitchen, livingroom, bedrooms, garage, stairs and hallway. This also extends to extra rooms like home office, children's playroom, games room.

Our cleaning equipment is extremely powerful doing household tasks meaning that the quality will be impressive. Private houses, apartments, social housing and new builds are just some of the areas we offer.

The household cleaning tasks consist of floor cleaning be it wooden floors, tiles or Vinyl. Carpet cleaning requires more regular maintenance. But with our advanced technology we can guarantee a higher level of finish with the cleaning solutions applied. Meaning that the maintenance does not require the same frequency.

Household Cleaning tasks extends to the kitchen. With so much activity in the kitchen cleaning can be pretty difficult. A deep clean approach will address all worries in kitchen and food hygiene. We do not just clean all visible surfaces in your kitchen, we clean from top to bottom inside out. Inside cupboards, under shelf's - we will leave no stone uncovered.

We also offer a service for the commercial end of residential or home cleaning. If you are a Landlord with numerous residential property lettings or even a Building Developer selling new build houses or renovations. We manage the cleaning tasks for the whole portfolio. Reviewing each property or house's cleaning requirements and then setting schedules to clean each home that works with existing tenants. Delivering to a high specification we will ensure your home cleaning is to your and the tenants satisfaction.

Working with many property developers we will provide a deep clean process on the home. The construction process obviously creates a lot of dust and bacteria in areas of the home that are nearly impossible to access. Our advanced cleaning equipment can make these tasks feasible. A thorough house cleaning from top to bottom cleaning all nooks and crannies within the property. The new owners will be moving into a brand new home.

Cleaning the show-houses is very popular with builders for obvious reasons. The sales of the development can take a major boost if the show-house is looking immaculate.

Nuclean House Cleaner service In Newry

We offer a comprehensive house cleaners service in Newry and Mourne district.

Nuclean offer a unique residential house cleaning service. Being house cleaners in Newry and Mourne area for over 10 years we have some great tips for keeping your home clean.

We all live very busy whether you are working, student or stay at home parent. Certain aspects of our live take priority. Professional careers tend to be more demanding than a straight forward 9 to 5, working longer hours and sometimes weekends is the norm with a lot of people nowadays. Parenting has become a full-time occupation these days with children having so much extra activities. With so little time and so much going on in the household it can become really difficult to find time to do simple tasks around the home. House cleaners in Newry have to clean the house regularly, maintenance tasks around the house and general upkeep jobs require to keep everything in order.

So how do house cleaners address this to manage the home better. Firstly we suggest selecting an area or room in the home for storage. Previously we discussed the amount of activities that children do today. All these activities can cost a build up of clutter around the house. Sport hobbies like football, net ball, basketball, running, gymnastics all require sports gear which tends to be left scatter right through the house. Storage space will solve this. Popular children activities like interactive Computer games causes the same problems in the home. Easily fixed by managing the storage. If the equipment is easily put away into storage space the chances of the child or even parent doing this is much more likely.

This will reduce the clutter in your home drastically. Even if space is at a premium we do not have to dedicate a room to storage. Storage bins will provide the same functionality and can be moved outside the house if need be.

Managing your home can greatly reduce the cleaning tasks needed but obviously regular cleaning will required on a weekly basis. The majority of house cleaners in Newry do specify the one area of concern when cleaning. The floors and carpets can be very difficult to maintain to a high level. Food and drink stains are an nightmare to remove as many hovers only really remove the small solid wastes. We strongly recommend using a Steam Cleaner for cleaning your floor and carpets. This will remove dirt and bacteria from your floors that you cannot even see with the naked eye. Your floors will be so much cleaner and the maintenance will become that much easier as a result.