Flood and Fire Damage Cleaning

Nu-Clean Services Ltd - Time to Bring in the Specialists

Nu-Clean Services Ltd are specialists in fire and flood damage cleaning.
Fire damage cleans should be carried out immediately as leftover smoke particles are hazardous to health and over time the remaining ash residue, will corrode surfaces leaving walls, ceilings and furniture permanently discoloured and worn. At Nu-Clean Services Ltd, we have the right equipment, products and experienced cleaners to decontaminate ash, smoke and soot as well as remove unpleasant odours left behind following a fire at your home or commercial property.

Flood damage also requires a fast response for cleaning up. In a matter of days, if water damage is left untouched it can escalate the scale of the impact as water travels quickly and can penetrate and soak through unseen areas of your home or commercial property. Depending on the scale of the leak, this can lead to structural damage. Untouched flood damage can also escalate to mould and microbial growth which can have a harmful effect on your health. Inhaling mould fragments can inflame the airways and cause people who have asthma allergies to have even more severe symptoms. Our cleaners have vast experience in flood damage cleaning and will ensure that all traces of water are completely removed to prevent further damage.

For those who have unfortunately experienced fire, smoke, water leak or flood damage we use our dehumidifiers to aid drying out and the quick removal of water, as well as our wet pick up and scrubbing machine which allows us to safely scrub the top level of flooring and return it to the desired specification.

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