Complete Surface Disinfection - Fight Against Covid-19

Advanced Technology | Immediate Results | Minimal Disruption

Nu-Clean Services Ltd provides complete surface disinfection using advanced technologies which, when applied, will give you full confidence in the surface management within hospitals, nursing homes, nurseries, schools, gyms, leisure facilities, offices, hotels, restaurants or residential properties.

Pathogens, which are a bacterium, virus, or other microorganism that can cause disease, such as Covid-19, can be transmitted in a number of ways. They can be spread through skin contact, bodily fluids, and airborne particles as well as touching a surface which has been touched by an infected person. Standard cleaning processes will not be effective on these mobile pathogens.

Unlike other systems, Nu-Clean Services Ltd unique chemical fogging system applies an electrical charge inside every droplet. Holding their charge for longer, these droplets can fasten onto any surface evenly, with no drips. They fully encase every target area, treating 3-dimensional surfaces much more effectively.

The seamless fogging application also considerably reduces cross contamination as surfaces are not touched by cloths or human hands and therefore bacteria won’t be moved from one area to another.

Our complete surface disinfection system is immediate, resulting in minimum disruption to your industrial, commercial or residential property. All chemicals are safe to use in food areas as well as on all soft and hard furnishings.

Fight Against Covid-19 with Complete Surface Disinfection

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